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Post Partum Support Group

Why is it called Weigh-In-Wednesday?

Good question!  First off, NO, we are not weighing the moms! 😊 The group originally started to support new breast-feeding moms.  One of the big concerns for new breastfeeding moms is making sure the baby is getting enough breastmilk!  One way to measure that is through weekly weigh-ins to chart weight progress AND an even cooler assessment called a “weighted feeding” that takes a baby’s weight before and after a mom breastfeeds! This lets moms know about how much breastmilk a baby is taking in at a feeding!

Can bottle feeding moms attend? 

YES!  This group is a great place where all post-partum moms can gather and talk about their shared experiences as new moms!  And we can chart your babies weight growth as well!