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All people entering our facility must be MASKED.  Please plan ahead prior to your visit by making sure you have a mask of some kind prior to entering our facility for any reason. 

Current Visitor Policy:  As of 5.8.20


**Please note we realize extraordinary circumstances will occur with patient visitors in such areas as Hospice, ER and ICU. Those select patient families will work with the Department's Nurse Supervisor to accommodate visitation needs.

How is Anderson Hospital Responding?

As the number of coronavirus (now referred to as COVID-19) cases in Illinois and across the nation increases, Anderson Hospital wants you to know we are responding.  While COVID-19 is new, preparing for responses to disasters, including potential epidemics and pandemics (e.g., H1N1, Swine Flu, Ebola), is not new for us.  In fact, you should rest assured knowing:

  • Emergency preparedness training is a year-round activity that is done at Anderson Hospital in conjunction with other facilities, the region and across the state.
  • Anderson Hospital and hospitals around the state are working closely with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), and local public health departments to prepare for COVID-19. We are closely monitoring the situation, including following all updates and guidance from CDC and IDPH.
  • Anderson Hospital treats patients with a variety of infectious diseases on a daily basis. These patients are isolated and treated in appropriate spaces by trained staff using specialized equipment.
  • Much is still unknown about COVID-19. Hospitals are refining their response regularly based on such new information.
  • Anderson Hospital has a enacted a COVID19 Planning Team whose objective is to:
    • Work with the Madison County Health Department to coordinate testing and care.
    • Provide appropriate level of medical care
    • Protect health care providers (HCP) and non Covid19 patients
    • Prepare for potential surge in patients
    • Prepare for potential PPE supply and staff shortages

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The Illinois Department of Publich Health (IDPH) activated a statewide public hotline and email for citizens needing guidance regarding COVID19.  Please use these resources below instead of phoning individual hospitals regarding general questions about the COVID19 virus.  

pdfIDPH Hotline and Email 

pdfExpanded Hotline Number Resources

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