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Continuing Education Scholarships Awarded

May 13, 2022

Anderson Hospital’s Professional Practice and Development Council (PPD) annually awards scholarships to current staff seeking Nursing education.  The scholarship program was created by the PPD to encourage and support those in their continuing education efforts.  This year, two recipients were selected to receive $750 each! 

Noreen Hankins has been with Anderson Hospital for over 20 years.  She began as a nursing assistant while going to school to become a RN.  After receiving her nursing degree, she spent several years as an ICU/IMU nurse.  Today, she is a House Supervisor, which oversees nursing staff throughout the facility, and serves as administrator in charge during her night shift.  Noreen will be receiving her Master in Nursing Degree, with honors, later this year.

Rachel Phipps has been working at Anderson for the past 2 years.  She is currently working in the Patient Access department while pursuing her nursing degree at SWIC.  She recently finished her clinicals and would like to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse.   “I still squeal when I see babies,” she joked.  “I have also thought about becoming a mid-wife one day!” 

Members of the PPD were present for today’s presentation, including the Chief Nursing Officer, Lisa Spencer, MSN RN, who said, “You never stop learning in nursing!  There are always opportunities to continue  your education, learn a new skill, and expand your career.”