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January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024 (Maryville, IL) – IMU/ICU nurse, Chris Wiley, RN, BSN, of Anderson Hospital was recently honored with The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s programs to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day.  The nomination submitted read:

“I am a 71 year old retired nurse of  40 years, and I am nominating Chris Wiley for the Daisy Award. I have worked with and observed many nurses in my career, and I know a good nurse when I see them. Chis is an excellent nurse and should be rewarded for the wonderful care that he provides his patients. I was his patient on he nights of Aug. 17 and 18, admitted on his shift.  I was severely dehydrated, acute abdominal pain, had not eaten solids for a month due to the pain and cold. Chris gave me warm blankets and warm broth before he even started the admission. He did the normal things, review meds, explained plan of care, but Chris went above and beyond. He helped clean me up after I was incontinent of stool, , he brought me bath supplies, changed my bed linens instead of calling the tech. He did thorough assessments at cardiac cath site, all by maintaining my modesty. He was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable thorough with a great sense of humor that I appreciated.  He encouraged me to eat small bites of solid food which helped me regain my appetite. He explained every procedure and every medication before giving them to me. In my opinion, Chris is a wonderful asset to your hospital and not only deserves the nomination, but also highly deserves the Daisy award.”

 The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, CA, and was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.  Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease.  The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families. 

Said Bonnie Barnes, FAAN, Doctor of Humane Letters (h.c) and Co-Founder of The DAISY Foundation, “When Patrick was critically ill, our family experienced first-hand the remarkable skill and care nurses provide patients every day and night. Yet these unsung heroes are seldom recognized for the super-human work they do.  The kind of work the nurses at Anderson Hospital are called on to do every day epitomizes the purpose of The DAISY Award.”

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