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Grant Enhances Community Preparedness

August 31, 2023

A recent donation of training equipment is enhancing preparedness and improving the skills of rural fire departments and their community members.  Thanks to a grant from the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program, Community Hospital of Staunton (CHS) was able to purchase CPR mannequins intended for rural volunteer fire departments.

Anderson Hospital EMS Coordinator, Darin Hartman, along with CHS President, Larry Spour, and Past-President, Sue Campbell, presented the equipment during a recent training at the Hamel Fire Department (FD).  Responders from Hamel Fire\EMS, New Douglas FPD, Alhambra FPD, Olive FPD and Worden FPD were in attendance.  The CPR mannequins will be used by these dedicated volunteers to teach their citizens hand only CPR. CHS’s generosity and support through this donation will undoubtedly enhance preparedness and improve the skills of rural community first responders.

The training event also included first responder instruction on various scenarios using a high-fidelity mannequin known as the Apollo High-Fidelity Patient Simulator.  “This advanced manikin can simulate real-life scenarios, allowing our team to practice and refine their techniques in a safe and controlled environment,” said Darin.   “This invaluable training will ultimately translate into better care and assistance for our community members during emergencies.”