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How do I convince my parent to get a hearing aid?

January 25, 2023


An article from the Senior Safety Advice website.

A friend of mine recently told me that her parent refuses to get a hearing aid even though she has explained the basic problems they’re having. Their hearing loss is making it difficult for them to follow conversations, watch television, and even hear the doorbell. My friend told me that she is really worried about their safety and well being.

If you’re concerned about your parent’s hearing loss, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to get a hearing aid:

Schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist. This will give your parent the opportunity to discuss their options with a professional and get an idea of what type of hearing aid would be best for them.

Talk to your parent about how hearing loss is impacting their life. Explain how a hearing aid can help them communicate better and stay connected to loved ones.

Offer to accompany your parent to appointments and help them with the research process. This will show that you’re supportive of their decision to get a hearing aid and that you’re willing to help them through it.

Be patient and understanding. It can be difficult for adults to admit they need help with their hearing. Try to be understanding and remind your parent that there’s no shame in getting a hearing aid.

If your parent still refuses to get a hearing aid, you can try exploring other options, such as assistive listening devices or captioning services. You can also continue to talk to them about the benefits of a hearing aid in the hopes that they’ll change their mind.

Some other tips include…

1. Talk about the benefits

One of the best ways to convince your parent to get a hearing aid is to talk about all the benefits they’ll enjoy. Hearing aids can vastly improve quality of life, making it easier to communicate with loved ones and participate in activities that were once difficult or impossible.

2. Find a trustworthy provider

If your parent is worried about the cost of hearing aids or the quality of the devices, do some research to find a reputable provider. There are many companies that offer affordable, high-quality hearing aids.

3. Get a second opinion

If your parent is still hesitant, consider getting a second opinion from another audiologist or ENT doctor. This can help put their mind at ease and give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

4. Talk to them about the adjustment period

Hearing aids can take some time to get used to. Let your parent know that it may take a few weeks or even months for them to get used to the devices. Encourage them to be patient and give themselves time to adjust.

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