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Medical Alert Service

June 27, 2018

Anderson Hospital’s CareLink program allows anyone living at home to quickly and reliably summon help at the toch of a button 24 hours –a-day.

Anderson Hospital’s CareLink program is administered by volunteers through our Auxiliary.  The program consists of three parts:

Electronic equipment placed in your home, which is linked to your telephone, and your Personal Help Button are used to summon emergency assistance.

An Emergency Response Center where trained personnel provide 24-hour monitoring every day of the year.

People who have agreed to respond to your call for help.  They should be able to arrive in 5-10 minutes.  If the monitoring staff can make NO voice contact with you, and NO responder can be reached, the police will be sent to your home.

There is a nominal monthly rental/monitoring fee, plus a one-time installation charge of $65 which is non-refundable.

CareLink Pricing:

Installation of unit:         $65 (non-refundable)

Unit Types:
Landline Unit:  $30 per month
Cellular Unit:  $39.95 (with $60 one-time fee to activate cellular connection)
Mobile Unit:  $39.95 (with $60 one-time fee to activate cellular connection)

For more information contact the CareLink office at 618-391-6720.

Click here for a detailed brochure.