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Pavilion for Women Begins Spa Baths for Babies

March 2, 2023

The Pavilion for Women is always looking for best practices to add to their award-winning services.  Starting on March 1, Pavilion staff began a new service called, TurtleTub Bathing.  Bathing can be a stressful activity for infants and their parents.  Swaddle bathing is research proven to decrease crying, decrease stress, and keep the infant’s temperature more stable than traditional bathing.  When an infant is swaddled in our warm blanket and placed in the TurtleTub, the infant is comforted by the warm weight of the blanket.  Your infant stays contained, happy and warm!  Miss Millie B. and her parents, Liz and Adam, were the first to enjoy the new spa-like feature here at Anderson Hospital!  Learn more here: