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Thank You for Passing Senate Bill 2541

May 26, 2020

Anderson Hospital greatly appreciates our state legislators for returning to Springfield last week and taking critically needed action during this challenging and unprecedented time.  We are pleased to learn that the Illinois General Assembly unanimously approved final bipartisan legislation – Senate Bill 2541.  Special thanks to our local legislators, Representative Katie Stuart and Senator Rachelle Crowe for their support of this vital legislation that includes Medicaid funding, the Hospital Assessment Program, liability protection and telehealth.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership and support for the reauthorization of the Illinois Hospital Assessment Program,” said Keith Page, Anderson Hospital President and CEO.  “Now more than ever, we must maintain the healthcare safety net and not impose any Medicaid cuts.”

According to President and CEO of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, A.J. Wilhelmi, even before the pandemic, one in four Illinoisans relied on Medicaid for their healthcare coverage to access needed services. “With the economy in a serious downturn, many more thousands of Illinoisans will need Medicaid,” said Wilhelmi.  “And with the very real prospect of future, multiple COVID outbreaks – including a possible second surge this fall and winter – it is critical that the state ensure hospitals and health systems have the resources they need to prepare for and deal with such extraordinary circumstances.”

More than 200 Illinois hospitals pay into the Hospital Assessment Program, triggering additional contributions from the federal government. The money is then redistributed to hospitals to offset the cost of treating patients on Medicaid. The joint federal and state health insurance system pays hospitals less than Medicare and commercial insurance.