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Watch for Nesting Geese at Hospital Entrance 2

April 10, 2023

Our Canadian Geese couple are back again this year!  They are once again nesting in the landscaping near Parking Lot Section 5 at Hospital Entrance 2.  Please note:  it is illegal to remove geese or to destroy, move, or disturb their active nests.

Be aware geese are prone to aggressively protect their nesting area!  Please give them plenty of space as you use our Hospital Entrance 2.  As always, please watch your speed as you utilize the parking lot in that area.

The goose will sit on her nest 28 days (till around May 8) until all goslings are hatched, the family quickly moves to the closest pond for protection of the babies. 

When is nesting season and where do geese typically nest?

Nesting season begins early March and can continue through late May. Nesting spots can be next to a pond or a half mile away. Geese typically like to nest where approaching predators can be easily spotted. Against buildings and parking islands have become favorite spots in urban areas.

Humans are not the enemy

Because humans are not perceived as predators, establishing nests next to or above doorways, sidewalks, busy bike paths, golf greens, playgrounds and parks has become all too common.

The Migratory Bird Treaty

Keep in mind that the Canada Goose is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty. Once eggs are present in the nest, you cannot disturb the nest or harass the goose and gander until you have obtained the proper permit from your state division of wildlife.  

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