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Price Transparency

Anderson Hospital is committed to sharing with you reliable cost estimates of your healthcare needs. Depending on your situation, we will determine an estimate of your out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-pays or any financial assistance you may be eligible for.
The estimate is informational and not a guarantee of the final billing charges and your related financial responsibility. Your actual bill and responsibility may vary from the estimate based on your medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and recommended treatment ordered by your physician.

Prices will vary and reflect diversification among payers due to regulation or negotiations with health providers. The prices may reflect differences in costs to provide services and therefore uniformity of pricing should not be an expected outcome.

It is possible that you may receive services from other healthcare professional while you are at our hospital that will be billed separately.

To obtain a Patient Responsibility Estimate, please contact our Financial Counselor at 618-391-6920 and they will be happy to assist you.

To view our hospital policy on financial transparency, click here.

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