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Secret Santa Benefits Local Families

December 7, 2017

One of the most admirable aspects of our Anderson Healthcare family is how wonderfully generous it is! Whether it’s donating to food or clothing drives, helping co-workers through a crisis, or giving to victims of natural disasters, our staff members never cease to give.

Our annual “Secret Santa” project is no different.  Over the years we’ve had the privilege to make Christmas a little brighter for local families in need.  Making that happen has been the job of “Head Elf” Amy Grulke and her fellow “elves” in Case Management.   None of these families would benefit without their continued dedication to this project… or yours!   Will you join us this year as a “Secret Santa” to make the season bright for these three families?  Here’s what’s on their list:

Family #1

7 year old boy

  • Size 14/16 in shirts
  • Size 10-12 Husky pants
  • Size 6 boys shoes
  • XXL or size 18 in underwear

This child could really use pants, shoes, socks and gloves
Some things he likes: Dinosaurs, Pokemon, Monster Trucks, Hotwheels, arts/crafts, Legos

12 year old girl

  • Size XL in womens/juniors shirts
  • Size 15 in Juniors pants/jeans
  • Size 7 underwear
  • Size 8 shoes

This child could really use pants, shoes, and gloves
Some things she likes: Horses, Legos, stuffed animals, art painting Barbies, music, nail polish and hair accessories, body spray and lotions 

Mom in this family could use pants (size 26), shoes (size 9), socks, winter coat or heavy jacket (size 26/28).

Family #2

8 year old boy

  • Size 10 pants and shirts
  • Size 3 ½ in shoes

 He likes Paw Patrol, Legos, Sponge Bob. He would  like any kind of toys appropriate for an 8 year old.

 Family #3

4 year old girl

  • Size 4t-6t clothes
  • Size 10 shoes (has narrow feet)
  • Coat size 4t-5t
  • Needs socks, underwear (size 4t) and pajamas
  • Likes dresses/skirts and leggings

Favorite color is Blue

Likes Elsa from Frozen, Minnie mouse, Barbie, dress up clothes, and other “girly” things

6 year old girl

  • Size 7/8 clothes
  • Size 1 shoes
  • Coat size 7/7x
  • Needs shirts (likes sparkles and designs), socks, underwear (size 8) and pajamas
  • Likes dresses/skirts and leggings

Likes all colors

Likes Num Nom toys, Shopkins toys, Play Doh kits (with tools to create things), crafts, jewelry and other “girly” things


This family could use a set of pots and pans, dish clothes/towels, oven mitts for kitchen.  Shower curtain rug and trashcan for bathroom.  Ironing board.  They have a queen size bed and the girls have twin size beds. Could still use bedding

All of the families have a connection to Anderson Hospital (employee, family of employee, etc.).  As always, donations of gift cards or cash are accepted.  All cash donations will be converted to gift cards for food, gas, etc.  

Items can be dropped off at the Care Coordination office on the 3rd floor of Hospital 2, 8am-4pm. 

You can also email/call Amy Grulke to arrange another time to drop off. 

Items will be collected until Monday, December 11.